Volunteer Safety 

Volunteers across Lambton will be needed for pick up. We’ll have a complete list of safety protocols soon but here’s what will be expected of our volunteers:


Volunteers going door-to-door will work in family groups – that means anyone you’re living with can help with your portion of the food drive.


Everyone will be wearing masks and keeping six feet from people they meet along the way.


We’ll be asking people to carry hand sanitizer to use throughout the day.


It suggested volunteers have portable plastic totes in the trunks of their cars to place donations in for easy cleaning afterward.

Staying Safe While Donating 

Wash your hands before and after handling your donation.


Don't donate if you're sick


If you live in an urban area, put your donation on the porch or at the end of your driveway to limit contact with volunteers.


If you are using a drop off point,

  • only have people you live with in the vehicle, 

  • put your donation in the trunk or bed of your truck and make sure volunteers can easily access it. 

  • Follow the signage at the drop off locations and keep your physical distance. 

  • Consider wearing a mask if you're talking with volunteers through a window.

When you see our community volunteers say 'Hi' if you want but remember to always stay at least six feet apart.